Improve your Profitability with ELDs

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Paper logbooks have been the norm for truck drivers and motor carriers for years. However, the sheer amount of paperwork that a driver is responsible for organizing is staggering. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) new electronic logging device mandate will drastically reduce the amount of paper printed by fleet managers, filled out and stored by drivers, and filed in the carrier’s warehouse.


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Additionally, the electronic logbooks that are configured into GPS fleet monitoring software ensure an entire picture of the driver and vehicle, allowing your fleet manager better dispatch abilities and ensuring that your entire fleet remains in compliance.

The auto industry spends $432 billion a year on printing.


Business printing overall is growing at a year-after-year rate of 6.8%, with an average of 45 trillion pages being printed annually. While there was 51.2 million tonnes of paper recovered from recycling in 2014 alone, the amount of paper required to populate an approximate 3.5 million American drivers’ log books and over 250,000 Canadian logbooks can surely account for at least 1 tonne of that number.

Businesses throughout the world are beginning to employ paperless or paper-saving initiatives in order to cut back on the amount of unnecessary paper being thrown out every single day. Fleet management companies are among those.

Graphic of cost of paper logs per driver per year

How much is paper logs costing your business?


In addition to the operational savings by eliminating paper logs, businesses with ELDs benefit from improved driver behavior such as less speeding, harsh braking and idling. The combined benefits will surely result in fleet insurance savings, fewer vehicle repairs and less speeding tickets. All of these savings will go straight to your bottom line and increase your profitability.

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